1. Privacy Policy

    1. JAMBO Athletic is the manufacturer of American Football field Equipment based in Bydgoszcz, Poland.
    2. JAMBO Athletic equipment has its patents. Trying to copyright any of field equipment is against the law.
  2. Price
    1. Prices at website are in Euros. Changes in quantity may affect item price.
    2. All prices include VAT which is charged at 23% rate. Providing EU VAT number will affect in applying 0% VAT rate which lowers item price by 19,7%.
    3. For certain promotions discount JAMBO shares voucher codes, which can be applied within the checkout section at website.
  3. Order
    1. Orders placed via online store will be treated as firm orders and processed accordingly. Requests for quotations should be made by email issued at: sales@jamboathletic.com
    2. All Online Shop purchases require additional shipping invoicing, which is issued via email.
    3. If shipping charges exceed customer expectation, JAMBO Athletic gives privilege to cancel order and issue full refund of purchase.
  4. Shipping
    1. Shipping cost is calculated individually to every order.
    2. Shipping invoice is built on factors: destination address, weight, dimensions of equipment.
    3. JAMBO Athletic ships all equipment at euro pallets (120x80cm). To make most economic shipping cost, it is advised to tailor the order to fit into euro pallet. Order can be tailored to fit pallet via email.
  5. Warranty
    1. The warranty for JAMBO Athletic equipment is 2 years. However, if by any chance any of our equipment is damaged, please email the issue at info@jamboathletic.com All enquiries, concerns can be checked and validated via email: sales@jamboathletic.com