Jambo Athletic Field Equipment in Germany


In early 2016, JAMBO received an inquiry regarding American Football field equipment specifically Stepovers and football sleds from Tim Miscovich of the Bad Homburg Sentinels. From the very beginning, the communication between us and the Sentinels was very positive. Tim knew exactly what equipment he needed, so we went straight to delivery phase. We shipped Jambo Athletic Stepovers earlier than the JAMBO Sled, as the production process for step overs is faster. We never want our partners to wait longer than necessary. After the JAMBO Stepovers arrived with the Sentinels, Tim contacted us again to show his appreciation for our equipment. Here is what he wrote:

Tim Miscovich - President/Head Coach, Bad Homburg Sentinels

Tim Miscovich - President/Head Coach, Bad Homburg Sentinels

"We are a new team in Germany so when we decided to purchase equipment we searched around for the best offer. From the very first moment it was a very enjoyable experience with the guys from Jambo. The entire process of ordering our step overs and blocking sled from the beginning to the end was personable and professional! We were even more excited once we received our products, the quality was way better than expected! We recommend Jambo products to any team looking to purchase new training products and to take their team to the next level!” - Tim Miscovich, President/Head Coach, Bad Homburg Sentinels.

We make sure all of our clients are treated with individual attention Positive communication is the highest priority for us. It helps us meet your expectations and keep you informed through the production process.

If you want to learn more about the Sentinels or you'd like a reference on Jambo Athletic products, please visit http://www.afc-sentinels.com/

Bartosz Splocharski