JAMBO Athletic American Football Field Equipment - Recommended and Used by the Best - Part1

For past 4 years Jambo Athletic provided over 75 teams in 17 countries with professional american football field equipment. On course of time we have received so many nice words about the design, quality and customer service so we are honoured to share with you some feedback about JAMBO. At the same time we want to promise, that we want to constantly  improve our brand to even better meet your expectations and take the game to the next level in Europe! Big thanks to all of you!

It’s not until you’ve coached outside of the United States that you understand how difficult it is to have access to proper on-field football equipment. It was a pleasant surprise to come across Jambo Athletics while coaching in Poland and to know that their whole catalog is produced in Europe. I’ve used step-overs, hand shields and pop-up dummies on nearly every practice last season and was impressed with the overall quality and durability of the material, not to mention the advantages of having such tools available when teaching the fundamentals of football.
— Matt Dias (West Philadelphia High School Coach) - Brasil
While working with Belgian national team, during trainings and camps in many European countries I have used Jambo products. Every time the equipment worked out very well. My favourite piece is definitely pop-up dummy - heavy, solid and most durable of all equipments I have used in the past few years. I use Jambo products to work with youth. In this case, Tackle Donut seems to be the most proper one. Donut allows to improve the technique of stopping the player while keeping all safety rules. I strongly recommend Tackle Donut in youth football programms.
— Klaudiusz Cholewiński - National Team Coach - Belgium
We have used Jambo products for over 2 years now and we are very satisfied with qality of the equipment. All items are very well designed and finished and they really fullfill the needs of intense football practice. All equipment we use is very useful and our players get better every practice thanks to it. The sled is very heavy, which makes drills very similar to real-game situations and the stepover bags and shields can be used for a wide range of exercises. Given the fact that American equipment is so expensive to bring to Europe and that Jambo is the only European producer of field equipment meeting American standard for a much lower price - I would recommend Jambo to every team in Europe as a good value for price investment in their players’ skills and potential.
— Marcin Spłocharski - Bydgoszcz Archers Head Coach - Poland
„Champions are Made in Off-Season“
To get our Players to the next Level we need to be well prepared and have the proper Equipment for our Drills. Especially for teaching important Basics it is very helpful to have high Quality Equipment to use with your Drills. But you Don’t have to buy your Equipment Overseas and ship it to Europe or buy used stuff from other Teams.
Jambo Athletic provides you all the Equipment you need to develop the Skills of your Players. The Equipment is made and shipped from Europe. I already used their Handshields and Step Over Bags and was very satisfied with the Quality. When handled and stored correctly the Equipment from Jambo !thletic will last several Seasons.
I can fully recommend the Stuff from Jamboathletic to every Football Coach and Team in Europe and will continue to use their Equipment on my Team. For next Year I try to get some Tackling Donuts and Landing Mats and maybe also a Sled.
— Sascha Gaveau - Heidelberg Hunters Assistant HC - Germany
Bartosz Splocharski