Jambo Athletic: A European Brand with mission to positively impact the Game

With the dramatic rise in the number of American football teams and players across Europe, it is impossible to dispute how fast the sport is growing here. The game is clearly gaining more and more prominence and recognition in Europe. However, at the same time, little attention is paid to the business development surrounding the sport’s growth.

The reality is, Europe has seen very little innovation in this regard. The teams, retailers and players of Europe have seemingly resigned themselves to paying massive shipping prices and nearly impossible import taxes simply to access equipment—as though there is no alternative. However, Jambo Athletic is a European company which has taken boldly innovative steps and has revolutionized the American football field equipment industry in Europe.

Jambo Athletic is the first and only European business which manufactures a full line of American football field equipment. Everything is designed, manufactured, and shipped in Europe. In one fell swoop, the teams of Europe now have access to all of their training equipment needs and they don’t have to pay for long distance shipping or import taxes to get it.

This is a game changing development because almost every single team in Europe operates without nearly enough field equipment - equipment which is absolutely essential to proper skills development and technique. Everyone involved in the sport knows just how important a full set of field equipment is to the development of a legitimate program, however, they also know how expensive it is to acquire such equipment.

It is not surprising that the same company which was innovative and bold enough to turn the entire field equipment on its head has also done so with a long-term strategy in place—a strategy that will ensure the development of American football programs in entire Europe.  

But the question remains—Other than forming powerful strategic partnerships, proactively and intelligently approaching each European sub-market with a specialized strategy, and offering the best quality field equipment at unbeatable prices, what is it about the Jambo Athletic business model that has resulted in such rapid and widespread success?

The answer is not unambiguous. One of them is that all teams around Europe are looking for complex way to master their players’ skills. It is crucial for game to develop every player knowledge about American football, to strengthen their bodies - mostly at the gym, but also avoid injuries while preparation to hard and long season. It is easy to predict, that if you replace human body with top quality and latest technology field equipment, the risk of serious injury drops.

This is why Jambo Athletic provides not only single product, but sets of American football training equipment throughout whole Europe. Jambo wants American football in Europe to grow even more. But to keep it professional in all aspects Europe needs strong, smart, but especially healthy athletes. This is JAMBO mission – to help the sport grow at the continent and this is definitely the case which they do best.