Jambo Athletic – Top Quality European Made Field Equipment

Members of the French National Team with their Jambo Athletic Equipment. The Fédération Française de Football Américain is one of Jambo Athletic’s premier clients.

Not only is field equipment painfully expensive to purchase in the US, but shipping from the US oftentimes costs as much as the equipment itself. When you add on the cost of import taxes, which almost always exceed 25% of the combined cost of the product and shipping, it’s no wonder why so many teams have struggled to afford field equipment.

Jambo Athletic - the company manufactures american football field equipment in Europe, shipping costs are exceptionally low and countries within the European Union don’t pay any import taxes.

Jambo Athletic is a family-owned company with roots in Bydgoszcz, Poland. The company was founded by three brothers after their American football team had difficulty accessing reasonably-priced field equipment. Seeing that there were no European field equipment suppliers on the market, they came up with a strategy for designing the equipment themselves.

Jambo Athletic offers completely customizable american football field equipment available in any color, and any combination of colors. 

They began identifying the fundamental tools that they could supply to teams in and around Poland and got to work. The family had a long history in textile manufacturing, so the transition to American football equipment was a smooth process. In a matter of months, Jambo Athletic was producing all the essentials: sleds, step over bags, hand shields, pop up dummies, tackle dummies, tackle donuts, field goal pads, equipment bags, and landing mats, among other items. Jambo Athletic field equipment was quickly in high demand from teams all across the European continent.

We believe in developing American football in Europe, and our part is by providing European teams with access to affordably priced training field equipment. 

This is evident in the positive feedback we consistently receive from our clients. Teams from all across Europe have ordered Jambo and have been pleased with the quality of the product and the personalized service.

To learn more about Jambo Athletic, please visit our website: www.jamboathletic.com. To receive a catalog, price list, and information about team sponsorship, please contact us at sales@jamboathletic.com.