How to raise funds for new field equipment.

Crowdfunding as a great way to provide teams with sources to improve their game!

All teams in sports want to improve, as this is the main principle of sports in general – getting better. The aim of every organization is to have better results, but not every single one focuses on the same aspects. Some concentrate on the game, and the game only, some on the organizational improvements, thanks to which the game gets better in a more systematic manner, but the main goal of all teams out there is the same - to eventually get more wins.


No matter who you ask: managers, coaches, players – they all understand that in order to get better results, they need better supplies, whether it’s personnel, facilities or training equipment – the goal is to get better every season.


Based on our industrial background at this point we will focus on ways to effectively raise funds to expand your teams’ field equipment inventory that will make your team better on gamedays…


Etone Jaguars - UK (Crowdfunding)

Etone Jaguars - UK (Crowdfunding)

Assuming that you already know what kind of equipment your team needs the most, the next thing you should consider is the source of your purchase. You should make the most value for money decision, which we believe is JAMBO Athletic, and here is why. First, because it offers wide range of essential field equipment units such as sleds, pop-ups, shields, step-over bags, tackle dummies, tackle donuts as well as some extras like chain-sets, landing mats, players/equipment bags, etc. – all very high quality and could come in your team colors. Second, it is all produced in Europe, so you don’t have to pay high transportation fares (compared to US or China) and the delivery is at your door much faster. Third, it is sold at EU-VAT rate which means that if your organization (your club or a sponsor) has a EU-VAT number, the transaction will not be charged with additional VAT, which means that you will get your items even cheaper.


When you already know what you want to buy and where you want to buy it from, you might be forced to make some additional decisions on how to finance the purchase and how to make it the best possible deal. We all know how expensive running an American Football team is and that there is never enough money for the needs you have, however it is essential to understand that you don’t always have to limit your spendings to the amounts you have in your pocket at the moment.


Given the fact that the more you buy, the less you loose on transportation fares as the sizes of packages are limited (JAMBO Athletic always provides you with a few options to optimize the order), you may prefer to purchase more products in your order. In case you don’t have enough money to get your best deal, we highly encourage not to give up. There are ways to gather funds, so you don’t let the chance slip away.


Kuopio Steelers - Finland  (Sponsorship)

Kuopio Steelers - Finland (Sponsorship)

One of the ways is finding a sponsor for the equipment. It could be public, e.g. your city or state council, as there are many public budget programs that aim sports on youth and adult level and activating local communities in general. Another way is to get a private sponsor – a business or a company that would like to help your team with bringing new items in. In return, you may offer the sponsors personization options such as getting equipment in their brand colors or even getting a logo printed on the items you order.


Another way to fund the purchase of the equipment you don’t necessarily have money for is crowdfunding. By definition crowdfunding is raising money from a large number of people who each contribute a relatively small amount, typically via the Internet. The idea is to get your players and fans involved in growing the potential of you team. As a side-effect-result you create an event that goes on for a few weeks that may be a story to build your marketing activities around. You may organize happenings, feed the story to local media partners as well as organize a noticeable campaign in social media like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. JAMBO Athletic could get involved as well – let us know what your budget is and what items you would like to purchase. We will make you a suitable offer. Let us know about your crowdfunding event and we will provide you with some materials for your donators to show what equipment they shall help you get. We may also help you promoting the event through our channels.


As a matter of fact there are a few teams that have already successfully crowdfunded to purchase JAMBO Athletic equipment – Winterthur Warriors, Switzerland and Etone Jaguars, UK to name just two. They are the living proof this way works and could be spread among whole American football community in Europe. Only You know how likely people supporting your team will donate to get your players proper resources to improve their game. You may just give it a try…

Winterthur Warriors - Switzerland (Crowdfunding)

Winterthur Warriors - Switzerland (Crowdfunding)